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From Superman To Man
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 “From Superman to Man” is entirely based on the novel by famed author and self made scholar Joel A. Rogers. The play was written by Lord Jamel and had a short successful run for Black History Month in 2007. The play outlines the conversation between a lowly Black Porter and a racist whit bigot senator from Oklahoma. In this post WWII era of Jim Crow and lynching this well educated Black laborer destroys the illusion of superiority held by the senator in an overwhelming display of logic, compassion and knowledge of European literature. This book was so influential in its time that it was mandatory reading for all members of the original Constitution and By-Laws of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. Auditions are currently being scheduled for its debut in  2011 season.

In “Everywoman” a woman in her forty with four children, ages seven, nine, eleven and thirteen, is summonsed into divorce from the only man she has ever loved or sleep with. Twelve years ago she hit the lottery and that was the corner stone of this well to do families wealth. Everywoman finds out that after a lifetime of honoring, loving and serving husband that he wants a new and much younger wife, and she wants to know what is wrong with her. So she goes to beauty salon where she meets a variety of opinions, instruction and experiences of characters that every woman knows from their real lives. Finally the day is here and they go before the judge and what you will see is the dynamics of human relationships as they fall apart. The moral is you can take away everything you give someone, except your good deeds. Auditions are currently being scheduled for its debut in May 2011 for Gwendolyn Brooks the First Black awarded a Pulitzer Prize (poetry 1950), born in Topeka, Kansas
“Runway 22” is an adaptation of the play Everyman by Singer /Actor Adam Wade., which portrays women in crisis. It takes place in a women's house of detention. The time is the present. Most of the character's names are from the play Everyman, a moralist play which praises the virtue of good deeds. The theme of Everyman begins when a messenger whispers to Everyman that he is to go on a dangerous journey from which he will never return. Ultimately, he walks in to meet death and only his good deeds go with him. The same theme is present in Runway 22. The main character, AllGood also makes a journey from which she will never return. She also carries her good deeds with her. The difference is that All Good walks to defy death. Here we find that no matter what the situation or condition, manner of crisis, or emotional trauma, the human spirit will in one way or another overcome.